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Award programme benefits community – The Southland Times


The Lumsden community is benefiting from Northern Southland College pupils working to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.

One project being undertaken by pupils at gold level is helping tidy a native garden at the Lumsden Catholic Church.

Parishioner Mary Ryan established the garden about 12 years ago to provide a reflective space.

"People get a lot of pleasure from the garden, and everything has grown so quickly so it is wonderful to have these energetic young people to tidy it up for me."

Samuel Rodgers-Foran said that he started working on the award scheme when he was 14.

"I have had fun and lots of adventures doing it, with service a big component of each stage.

"At the bronze level, I helped senior citizens with outside jobs and worked in the Lumsden op shop, and cleaned the Health Shuttle regularly for my silver service.

"Now, for our gold level, our environment group project is helping Mrs Ryan with weeding and cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs and removing weeds."

NSC programme co-ordinator Jeanna Rodgers said 12 pupils were registered at bronze, silver and gold levels.

"We are very fortunate to have four local Lions clubs supporting the students with any costs involved"