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How is it delivered?

Would you like to deliver the Award in your school? In order to present the Award according to International Standards, all you need to do is complete the following steps.

First of all, a Sub-Licence Agreement must be signed between the organisation representative (manager/school head) and The National office. The stated donation amount in the licence must be sent to our Vakıfbank account. The duration of the Sub-Licence Agreement is 3 years (right after is ahs been signed).

Afterwards, at least 2 people must take part in Award Leader Training and 1 person must take part in Supervisor training.

Training is incredibly important in order to deliver the Award according to International Standards. We advise that no one Award Leader takes on more than 20 participants to mentor. As participation increases, it is necessary to train more Award Leaders and Supervisors to help support them.

It is mandatory for one of the people who have taken part in Award Leader training to take on the role of Award Coordinator. The Award Coordinator is the person in responsible of communicating with the National Office. Award Coordinator duties consist of setting up the Award in their Award Unit (an organisation in which the Award is delivered), deliver the Award according to International Standards, support Award Leaders, oversee Award Groups (groups), and finally complete the last checks of the participants Record Books before sending them off for sign-off by the National Office.

After those people determined by the organisation for training complete their training, they can begin delivering the Award Programme.

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