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How To Begin

Do you like facing challenges?  Do you want to discover yourselves more and truly fulfil your potential? Join the Award Programme. See what you can achieve with determination and motivation.

You can start your Award journey whenever you like. Wherever you start your journey, an experienced mentor will always be by your side.

After you decide which category of the Award you would like to take part in, you will decide upon the activities you want to take part in for each section with your Award Leader.

To take part in the Award, the only condition is that you are between the ages of 14-24. The moment you decide to take part in the Award as a participant you will be assigned a mentor, an Award Leader, who will support you on your journey. Award Leaders are trained volunteers that have been trained by the National Office and Training Coordinator. Every young person can participate in the Award.

If the Award Programme is delivered in your school, please contact the Award Coordinator at your school to join the Award.  If the Award is not yet delivered at your school, you can register by sending an email to with your name-surname, date of birth, address and school details.

Map of Award Units